Sunday, 8 November 2009

Carnival of Testers #2

Over the last 2 weeks I've read and dipped into a lot of different testing blogs, and even left comments on a few. My google reader gets the updates on the blogs of 66 different testers (some are group blogs), various user and testing forums.

I've done my best to avoid information overload and stay sane ;-)

So, here are my highlights of some of those blogs (covering 25 Oct - 7 Nov). A whole range of topics have come up with quite a few references for Exploratory Testing, Agile, the STC magazine and the Testing.StackExchange site:-
  • Farid raised a good point about the need for continuity in Exploratory Testing: Self-Discipline in Exploratory Testing
  • James Bach & co produced a new version of their ET Dynamics List.
  • Just over a week ago the book Beautiful Testing came out and Linda Wilkinson gave us a fairytale, here.
  • Fred Beringer gave a good overview, here, of the GTAC 2009 conference.
  • Eric Jacobson didn't get any great inspiration from Blink, here.
  • Catherine Powell highlighted the need to think about the other fence after develoment, moving towards customer deployment, roll-out and support, here.
  • The results of Matt Heusser's test challenge were announced, here.
  • Phil Kirkham, amongst others, announced the new STC magazine, with a call for volunteers and contributors, here.
  • Michael Bolton made some comments on an older StickyMinds article (talking about ET & scripted testing) that he wasn't so keen about, here.
  • Peter wondered if he'd found a link between bugs and full moons, here. Howl!!!!!
  • Rob Lambert shared some of his recent reading (both test & non-test related), here.
  • Alan Page announced that his blog was now an ex-blog, here, also giving directions to his new blog.
  • Justin Hunter talked about Cem Kaner's presentation on ET vs scripted testing, here. Justin also talked about the first month of TestingStackExchange, here.
  • Ben Kelly and Markus Gärtner also wrote about exploratory testing, here and here.
If you haven't already read any of these then happy reading.
You can drop me a line about noticable posts - in case they slip under my radar :-) or submit a link.

Carnival #3 in a couple of weeks (aimed at blogs)...


  1. Very interesting post, Simon! I'm very interested in who's blogging about QA and software testing... Of course, the bigger challenge is finding time to read it all. Lately, I've seen Twitter lists floating around about people that Tweet about Testing. I think there's a way to share Reader lists, right? So if you use Google Reader and we "friend" each other, we should be able to share lists? I'll give that a try. In the mean time, it looks like I have a lot to catch up on!

  2. Hi Yvette,

    Yes, plenty of reading to do - but that's a potential benefit of carnivals - it's a roundup of interesting reads (at least according to someone).

    Carnivals can also work the other way that a group of contributors make a grouping for others to read - this distributes the work/effort. Possibilities, possibilities...

  3. Simon,

    Excellent idea - I was also going to put together a monthly round up of what's being talked about in the tester-sphere for the upcoming Agile Testing Meetup's (

    Do you mind if I use your carnival posts as reference?



  4. Hi Nathan,

    By all means use them. Good look with the meetup.