Monday, 31 May 2010

Carnival of Testers #10

Another month, another wave of testing blog posts. What can I say? Variety is spice of the testing blog life! And it's edition number 10!

  • For people familiar (or not) with smurfs then have a look at the challenge by Markus Gärtner. The write-up is worth a look too.
  • Lannette Creamer went all trekky with a testing challenge, here. It generated a fair bit of interest - but I think I was the only one to use the microwave oven heuristic.... An insightful summary and reflection popped up too!
  • Curiosity: Lynn McKee wrote a good summary of Gil Broza's interview with Michael Bolton. There's also a link to the audio.
  • Comprehensive: As a first blog post Felipe Knorr Kuhn started with driving Selenium from Java, here.
  • Animal Welfare: Frog eating was the eye-catching hook from Anuj Magazine about getting tasks done - even the unpleasant ones.
  • Trans-what? A transcript and analysis of a transpection between Michael Bolton and James Bach on expected results and inputs makes worthwhile reading.
  • Bug Rebellion: Andy Glover gave a cartoon view on bugs being reproducible - or was it a case of the audience not agreeing with the message at a conference? Mmm, you decide...
  • Model Count: How many models do you use in testing? Don't know? Interested in finding out more? Then take a look at Rikard Edgren's take, here.
  • Automation for bug finding or for testing or something completely different? Dorothy Graham presents her view for testing, here.
  • Automated Exploratory Testing? Although not strictly a blog post Rob Lambert started an interesting discussion (different viewpoints) on the STC, here.
On Writing
  • Marlena Compton wrote about the positive contribution made to testing by writing.   
  • The writing about testing peer conference got a rounded summary from Chris McMahon.
  • A forthcoming "Ask The Tester" article by Matt Heusser was given the heads-up, here. It's your chance to send in questions so take a look!
The C-word
Keyboards have been getting warm recently. There's been a range of views and discussion circulating around certification. 

Until next time, happy reading!

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