Thursday, 2 September 2010

Carnival of Testers #13

Number 13 edition of the carnival. Lucky, unlucky, is it all going to fall apart in a dis-jointed mess? Let's see...

No Breakages?

  • The August selection started off with a bang. Trish Khoo reflected on a mindset of breaking stuff as just being one of many tester mindsets.

(Look!) No Hands?

  • Anyone else out there that has helium hands? If so, or wondering what that is, then read Michael Larsen's view, here.

No Nonsense!

  • CAST got some reporting from Anne-Marie Charrett guest posting on the STC. Read the report on the first day, here.

Not Scary enough?

  • Do you have scary test plans, test ideas or are just a bit scary yourself? Catherine Powell ponders the value to the customer of a scary test plan.


  • It's a good while since I juggled balls successfully. Juggling daily work is also filled with problems, as highlighted by Joe Strazzere.

No Testing?

  • Ajay Balamurugadas wondered about how or if he was testing when he wasn't testing. Confused, intrigued? Then go read the story, here.

No Competition?

  • Competition time again. Pradeep Soundararajan wrote about some of the competitions that have been occuring, with some plus points and some room for improvement.


No Comparison?
  • Tim Western described his thoughts about testing being an inter-disciplinary skill.
  • A comparison between BBST and RST was made, here, by Geir Gulbrandsen.
  • Thread-Based Test Management was coined by Jon Bach, here, and James Bach, here. Go read them, think about it, question and think some more.
No Punctuation? No Problem?
  • Well, made it to the end. This month's carnival was brought to you by the punctuation marks ! and ? Finally, a reminder of how punctuation can trip up testers is here.

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  1. Thanks, Simon.

    For this first-timer, it's fun at the Carnival!