Sunday, 2 January 2011

Carnival of Testers #17

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December. A flood of posts - usually lots of reflections and year-end summaries, but also lots of variety and range of topics.

There were some great reports, write-ups and postings concerning the EuroStar2010 conference.
  • Nathalie de Vries made a comprehensive round-up of the tutorial and conference days, here, here, here and here.
  • Nathalie also gave some tips for people considering sending in a proposal for the next conference.
  • A taster of the Danish Alliance was given by Zeger Van Hese, here.
  • Another comprehensive round-up of EuroStar conference was made by Michael Bolton, here, here and here.
All good testers question what they're doing, observing or being presented with.
Inspiration and resources
Sources of ideas, tools and techniques in use by testers everyday...
  • Do you ever test to music? Some interesting insights in Christin Wiedeman's use of music in her testing, here.
  • If you haven't seen or tried corkboardme then take a look at Tim Coulter's introduction.
  • Transpection. Stephen Hill made a good write-up of his experience with it, even including the transcript of the session, which is worth a read.
And finally...
  • Be careful what you measure, and why, was wrapped up into Jerry Weinberg's parable of the ones.
  • Markus Gärtner announced a repository for testing challenges, here.

Update: 2 Jan 2011: I meant to add this, but it slipped through the gaps... 

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