Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Carnival of Testers #18

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Carnival number 18, maybe it's coming of age, maybe still a little rebellious - ok, enough with the analogies.. January was a very reflective month - lots of look backs at 2010, some looking forward, new ideas, topics and illustrations - all making for varied and interesting reading:

Looking back

  • Darren McMillan was one of the first of the new year to look back, here.
  • Another interesting journey was described was Trish Khoo in her 2010 reflection.
  • A packed 2010 for Lynn McKee was described, here. I get tired just reading it...
  • The cartoon tester (Andy Glover) celebrated a first anniversary of the cartoon blog.

Looking Forward

  • Geir Gulbrandsen was looking to the year ahead with some ideas about his intended learning areas. Have a look.

Looking through the looking glass?

  • A fun reflection on activities with software testing in general was given by Pradeep Soundararajan, here.
Looking good!

  • The Dutch Exploratory Workshop on Testing (DEWT - is it the workshop or testing that is exploratory?) was born
  • I enjoyed reading about Eric Jacobson's work on a first lightning round for testers - something many groups could easily adopt.
  • Martin Jansson made some interesting points about how testers can help with technical debt.
  • The SPIES mnemonic was explained by Nancy Kelln, here. There's also a pointer to Lynn McKee's listing of testing mnemonics, here.

Looking biographical!

  • Rob Lambert & the STC launched a new e-book on the Diary of a Test Manager. Rob says it's fictional and not about him!

Looking like an interesting meetup!

  • An STC-sponsored tester meetup is happening in February in Nottingham - Adam Brown wrote about it, here.


  • What started out as a tweet from Michael Bolton turned into a series of posts, the last one here.

Looking clearer!

  • Seeing systems problems and taking a wider view was the topic of a post from Esther Derby. Worth reading.
  • A nice illustration from Joe Strazzere about issues with test estimation and guesstimation.
  • What does thinking outside the box mean? Some reflections from Lynn Mckee related to this.
Until the next time...


  1. Thanks for including me, Simon!

  2. I echo Joe's comment, thanks for including me! Great work publishing the Carnival of Testers. It is hard to keep up with everything that is getting published and it is fun to check in here.


  3. @Joe & @Lynn,

    The pleasure's all mine!

    I read a lot of posts, forums and articles and it's both fun and therapeutic to highlight some of them - especially if I can find half a thread to link them together!

    It also serves as a partial diary/history for me of interesting (very subjective) and readable posts.

  4. I agree on the diary part, I'd been thinking of starting a mind map thread of interesting reading material from the many blogs I read.

    I often find myself revisiting posts which made an impact on me, or had spawned new ideas.

    Keep up the good work, and thanks for the mention.