Thursday, 3 March 2011

Carnival of Testers #19

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“February is a suitable month for dying.” 
(Anna Quindlen)

Well, no, I disagree - not with what was on offer to read in the past month, with blog posts from four continents...

  • I enjoyed the way that Ralph van Roosmalen illustrated the difference between iterative and incremental development, here.
  • A post from Rob Lambert where he points to a video and draws some interesting parallels to communication for testers to non-testers/managers.

Mind Maps
  • I got a little worried when I saw the title of Darren McMillan's post 'Mind Mapping 101' - thinking of George Orwell's room 101 - but luckily it wasn't scary and a very readable account of how he uses it in his testing. :)
  • Using mind maps as part of reporting was discussed by Albert Gareev, here.
  • Aaron Hodder uses mind maps as a piece in the puzzle to create a test approach, here.

  • A good overview of the Bug DeBug conference in Chennai was posted by Dhanasekar S.
  • Pete Walen wrote about the possibility to get involved in the emrging topics track fro CAST2011. If you're going, and fancy a punt, then check out this post.
  • On the topic of CAS2011 you may have read James Bach's recent post about the nature of context-driven testing. If not then here's the link.

Testers working together

  • There is no best tester and it's almost wrong to think in those terms, was the topic of a post by Martin Jansson.
  • Some good advice from Esther Derby on team construction - the 0th trap.
  • Some clever wording in a job description and the thinking behind it was a two-part posting from Thomas Ponnet, with the second part here.
  • The importance of the thinking and collaboration, and not the tools, in ATDD is highlighted in this post from Elisabeth Hendrickson.

  • The super bowl and bug hunting made an unlikely combination for Ben Simo's write-up, here.
  • Dorothy Graham responded to a suggestion that certification is evil, with some background on the original thinking behind one of the certifications. An interesting read in three parts, finishing here.
  • Have you read 'Perfect Software..'? Some are re-reading it. Here's what KC got out of re-reading it.
  • Good analysis of a challenge and his response, with an embedded challenge, from Peter Haworth-Langford, here.
  • A parable from Pradeep Soundararajan on the value a tester can add to the product - or in this case, costs that they can save.
  • Tim Western asked a question challenge, and then posted his analysis and thoughts around the answers, here.
  • A reminder from Pete Houghton about sticking to the happy path - even if you don't realise that's what you're doing.
  • There was a round-up of different aspects of bias that has been written about by testers, posted by Del Dewar. Good read.

“If February give much snow
A fine summer it doth foreshow”

Until the next time...

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