Friday, 1 April 2011

Carnival of Testers #20

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"Beware the ides of March."

Lots of fine writing again this month.

  • Zeger Van Hese's post about James Randi and software skeptics. How apt!
  • Markus Gärtner's post against thought control, here.
  • Yet another good book review from Michael Larsen, here.
  • Marlena Compton's post on testing, testers, congruence and Lady Gaga (not necessarily in that order!)

I thought about writing a post about Entaggle, how I'd discovered it and my experience but I was beat to it in different ways....
  • Brian Osman was the first the make a post alerting folks to its existence.
  • Darren McMillan made quite an in-depth (3 part) analysis of the site, some business case and usability aspects.
  • Then I loved Phil Kirkham's gaming of the site. Check it out, here.
  • Some early experience via weekend testing was given, here, by Mohinder Khosla.

  • Interesting post from Brad Swanson on the 7 deadly sins of agile testing, here.
  • The value of shortened feedback loops was highlighted nicely by Lisa Crispin with the aid of her donkeys.
  • A well-worked example of the value (or otherwise) of quantative reporting was written by Del Dewar, here
  • Testers add value to projects in many ways - sometimes by the things they find. James Bach and Michael Bolton looked into some of these findings, here and here.
  • Good writing from Aaron Hodder on systems testing.

  • Tony Bruce wrote about his latest meetup organisation efforts - this time a conference! Looking very good! Take a look, here.
  • I enjoyed Eusebio Blindu's post on principles for testers, here.
  • Good thoughts on change management from Luísa Baldaia, here.

STC Nottingham Meetup
Two very good write-ups, both worth a look.
  • Adam Brown wrote a round-up with some videos, here.
  • Mohinder Khosla made another round-up with a different video, here.

"What's good about March? Well for one thing it keeps February and April Apart."
(Walt Kelly)

Until the next time...

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