Saturday, 17 September 2011

Book Frames and Threads Updated

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Earlier in the year I tracked some of the influences to my software testing learning, here. I say some, as I exclude blogs and online articles - that is an update for a later time.

The map is intended to track the influences - whether it is something I have in my active reference library or something that sits in the anti-library, reminding me that however much I absorb and use there is always a great deal more out there that I haven't looked at that could be useful. It's a very physical way of reminding me that I don't know everything - and that's good!

In the map I try to track
  • whether the publication was discovered during my own research or via the test community (either recommendation or discussion), 
  • if the book/article was directly influenced/referenced by another publication (linked by a blue line)
  • if it's ongoing whether it is active or not
  • changes from the last version (in pick/read) -whether it has moved (with a line to track) or a new addition

This is a useful reference for me to
  • track some elements of my learning, influences and research
  • track what has been current (the changes under the latest period and what that might mean for me)
  • remind me that I don't track all my influences (blogs, some other online material and publications)
  • remind me that there is still plenty to research
  • show that items are added and removed from the anti-library

Future additions that I'm thinking about:
  • include some dates (addition and/or completion)
  • include more community influences
  • include more notes around the publication (what I learnt or felt about it - you can learn without agreeing with the publication)
  • include a frequency of re-use (how often I re-use it for reference) - a type of star rating for use/re-use

The map is below - I'm more than happy to receive comments on recommendations for publications and sources and even additional information that I might find useful to include.

If it encourages you to do something similar I'd love to hear about it.


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