Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Communication Mindmap

About 2 years ago (May 2010) I started preparing a presentation for Iqnite Nordic 2010. In the preparation for this I'd described that I'd prepared a mindmap that I had printed out on A3 format - to be able to read it.

I recently had a very good question (thanks Joshua) about the availability of this mindmap - well, I'd forgotten about the source as I generally just have the paper copy for reference. But I dug it out, and found that it is all still very relevant (to me).

I still give the presentation, "Test Reporting to Non-Testers", fairly regularly, ref [1] - it goes to some of the points about metric obsession and some of the cognitive biases involved in why stakeholders might like them - such as cognitive ease and availability biases. Some stakeholders find it a useful eye-opener. I may try and record a future session and make that available.

For an example of cognitive ease in software development and testing see ref [2].

The picture of the mindmap is below, I'll try to make the source files available in the future. There is the usual health-warning with all mindmaps and presentation material - they only give my perspectives and are only fully unambiguous when accompanied with dialogue and discussion - but have a certain amount of value as they are, so enjoy!

[1] Test Reporting to Non-Testers
[2] Best Practices - Smoke and Mirrors or Cognitive Fluency?

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