Thursday, 31 January 2013

Book Frames and Threads - Jan 2013 Update

This is an update to the map I use to track some of the book and reference material influences.

Changes since the last edition, ref [1], are marked in dark grey. Some changes I've put in this version:

  • Some online resources included
  • A re-use indication (books/texts that I refer back to are in larger font - the font isn't proportional to its popularity, but maybe for the next update)
  • Some author references are included
  • Some articles are referenced - but I'm aware that many are not included
This map will be printed out (to replace the previous version) on an A3 sheet by my desk. It sometimes generates curiosity and questions - which is then a useful medium for discussion about testing, and the many many influences from outside of software development.

Any recommendations for additions - whether books, publications or format?



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