Monday, 15 March 2010

Time to get writing

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 The STC announced the call for submissions for the next edition of the magazine.

Did you miss the chance in the first edition?

Are you a budding Shakespeare, Orwell or Pratchett? Got something to say or tell a good story? If so, take the plunge and contribute to the next edition.

The peeps at STC (Rosie, Phil, Joel & Rob) won't bite and will give you good feedback on any proposal - provided you haven't ripped it off, of course :-0

I got involved with the first edition and was very pleased with the result. However, I left everything to the last minute - I had plenty of half-ideas (maybe half-baked) that needed a little more development but didn't give myself the time to do so.

Give yourself time to work on the idea, walk away, think about it and re-work it (if needed.) Let the idea mature (maybe like a good cheese), but remember that what you think is a great cheese (or idea) others might just think it stinks! If that happens, keep at it - maybe you're just an acquired taste :-)

So, if you have something to say, but aren't sure whether anyone will listen or be interested then I've got one piece of advice, "just do it!" 

Time to get writing...


  1. Hi,
    I just happened to read your post. Can you please give me more information about writing for STC?

  2. @Krishna

    Hi, yeah go read about it here