Sunday, 27 February 2011

My Conference Thinking 2011

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My conference radar so far...

Agile Testing Days 2011

My submission to the conference was accepted, which I'm very excited about. It's an experience report using exploratory testing, with semi-scripted input, and bridges a gap from traditional to more agile (or exploratory) practices. The conference itself looks very interesting and I'm looking forward to CONFER-ing a lot!

EuroStar 2011

Unfortunately I missed the deadline for this conference. I didn't want to re-use a presentation that I've done elsewhere (or will do elsewhere) and had recently being formulating two new presentations - but I didn't have the finishing touches ready :( I took the good advice of Nathalie and Rikard on submissions (here), and didn't want to rush anything. They'll be presented somewhere, sometime. I don't know if I'll make it there as a visitor - need to juggle the bugdet for confs and training this year - but who knows...


There's an internal conference in Linköping (Sweden) that I'm waiting to see if my proposal has been accepted. It's one that I was running a lot internally in the autumn and is an experience report (using 3 different report examples) to show how numbers can fool the report reader. There are elements to do with cognitive bias in there and it's one I enjoy giving. I'm currently re-vamping it - maybe putting in to prezi form - to put it online at a later date.

Next Generation Testing

I saw a tweet from Darren McMillan that he's going to present at this Unicom (not unicorn!) conference. Good for him! I was invited to present there in Autumn 2009, but wasn't able to make it. Hopefully, I'll be invited back some day - as I know there's some clever peeps that usually attend!


I enjoyed presenting at Iqnite Nordic 2010 - they were very well organised, with interesting regular and keynote speakers. Just waiting to see if there will be a Nordic 2011...

CAST 2011

By what I've read for this conference, this year, it's going to be a don't-miss event for anyone who approaches their work in a context-driven way. For me - it falls bang in the middle of holiday season and we've already committed to a bunch of travelling. But, I hardly ever say never - so I'm still keeping my fingers crossed!

Swedish Workshop on Exploratory Testing #2 (SWET2)

This peer conference is happening in April and I'm really looking forward to this it. I know there'll be a lot of good discussions with clever and eager testers. Just polishing off my submission for this one.

So, that's how it looks for me so far....


  1. Hi Simon,

    It's good to see your radar is so widely spread :-)

    The NGT conference will be my first time attending a testing conference, so I guess I'm jumping in at the deep end by talking at it!

    I'm excited, and really looking forward to see what I'll learn from the other talks and hallway chats when I'm there.

    From this bunch I most excited to hear about SWET :-) Last years peer conference sounded incredible. The only sad point for me was that you all didn't provide enough details :-) Hopefully you'll have some video footage this time around.



  2. Darren,
    Good luck with NGT - I'm sure you'll do a good write-up too!