Friday, 3 June 2011

Carnival of Testers #22

" #softwaretesting #testing "

Diverse is the word for the writing in May...

Learning & Insights

  • Pete Walen highlighted parallels between deduction and test investigation (a la House), here.
  • Some relevant learnings for testers from Ralph van Roosmalen, here.
  • Albert Gareev made a triple post of his interview with Michael Bolton, good reading here, here and here.
  • THE happy tester, Sigge Birgisson, wrote about his optimistic and positive approach to testing, here.
  • Binary disease, and some of the issues it causes testers, was the subject of a post by Rikard Edgren.
  • Some interesting perspectives on memetics in testing were posted by Peter Haworth-Langford
  • Rob Lambert was prolific in May, with this post on sharing information and communicating just one of many examples.
  • I loved the dashboards and representation ideas in Trish Khoo's post, here!
  • Christin Wiedemann illustrated that sometimes if it tastes "off" maybe it is "off", here.

New Pens

  • New writing this month from David Greenlees, with a piece on the value of conferences, both to yourself and your employer.
  • Claire Moss, started her first blog with an account of her exploratory approach to STAREAST, here.


  • Continuing with STAREAST, here is a good overview of Lisa Crispin's experience and learnings on the STC.
  • WAT2 got some good coverage from Markus Gärtner, here, Alan Page, here, and Marlena Compton, here.
  • Markus Gärtner also provided some insights from the Problem Solving Leadership course, here.

This is just a small sample of some of the good writing this past month.

Until the next time...

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