Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Carnival of Testers #24

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July was a month for a wide variety of blog posts, with many tidbits….

Ambiguous Words
  • Michael Bolton looked at problems with using the word "Done", here.
  • Pete Houghton on his 2 minutes using Bing Maps and thoughts about consistency and convention.
  • Good points from Eric Jacobson about what is testable, here.

  • There has been some good blogging on the STC. Jeff Lucas gives some views on scripted automation, here.
  • Joel Montvelisky with some experiences on finding the right testing effort for the product and the organization. Also, here, with some points about thinking before measuring.
  • Still on metrics, Rob Lambert gave a good example of how using measurements as absolutes will give the wrong conclusion.
  • Markus Gärtner's thoughts on a Pomodoro approach to testing.
  • The problem of spam and moderating discussions was highlighted by Rosie Sherry, here.
  • Are you "doing agile"? Some thought-provoking points from Elisabeth Hendrickson, here, on checking how you're agile implementation looks. (This was re-published in July)
  • Good learning experiences from Pradeep Soundararajan about rapid software testing in action, here.
  • Part 3 of Martin Jansson's look at testing debt is worth checking out.
  • Catherine Powell nearly rants, but then reflects on learning, here.

  • Lisa Crispin's review of the Clean Coder sounds like an interesting read.
  • CloudTest Lite got some encouraging words from Scott Barber, here, and Fred Beringer, here

And finally….

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