Friday, 2 September 2011

Carnival of Testers #25

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August was busy - partly due to CAST2011 and Agile2011 conferences triggering the creative and writing juices...

Journey and Influence
Many testers draw influences and experience from outside of the traditional software testing field.

  • Rob Lambert pondered the Peltzman effect and how it might apply to testing, here.
  • A journey so far in exploratory testing is given, here, by Albert Gareev.
  • John Stevenson reviewed different views on the need for product knowledge (or not) when exploratory testing.
  • The Bach Brother's Legion of Test Merit premiered this month, with the first recipients presented by James Bach here.
  • Brian Osman looked at some of the areas lacking in good testing, here.
  • Two interesting perspectives, here, on success and failure from Joel Montvelisky.
  • A crime series triggered Henrik Emilsson to start thinking about testers and criminals(!), here.
  • I started thinking about the chapter in Slack when I read Joe Strazzere's post on being fungible (or not), here. Good points!
  • The what-if heuristic from Daniel Berggren, here, shows how useful a tool it can be for a tester.
  • Good testing journey in search for mushrooms from Zeger Van Hese, here.
  • Original and very interesting ideas on creating testing perspectives from Shmuel Gershon, here.
  • Parimala Shankaraiah continued journal on public speaking is here. Good observations!
  • Oliver Erlewein writes about a new proposed testing standard on a new collaborative blog, here. Interesting new site!
  • Important points from Alan Page on test design for automation, here.

CASTing an eye...
Many testers jotted down their thoughts and observations, some being:

  • The use of Ustream allowed Claire Moss to make some notes on Paul Holland's lightning talk, here. Daniel Woodward made some interesting observations, here.
  • Day 1 summaries from Pete Walen and Michael Larsen, here and here.
  • Good rapid blogging from Markus Gärtner, here and here.
  • Post-conference reflections from Jon Bach, here, Elena Houser, hereAjay Balamurugadas, here, Michael Hunter, here, Ben Kelly, here, Matt Heusser, here, and Pete Walen, here. Some important observations in them all.   
  • Some more important point were made by Eric Jacobson, here.
  • Important observations from James Bach on the test competition, here
  • And finally, some tips on presenting at conferences, here, from Lanette Cramer.
Until the next time...

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  1. Thanks for including me in the August "Carnival", Simon.

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