Friday, 13 April 2012

Let's Test Conference Carnival #1

It's now just over three weeks to Let's Test, a conference first in Europe with the focus on context-driven testing, for testers, by testers -> yes, the organizers are all testers! There is a buzz building around the conference and so I thought a carnival was overdue....


Ola Hyltén got the ball rolling with a post about the main attraction of the conference - confering and peer interaction, here.


Markus Gärtner has done a sterling job with a bunch of interviews with participants:


Some thoughts from some of the participants and why they think it will be a special conference:

More than conferring?

Henrik Emilsson wrote about the test lab, here, and other evening sessions, here.

Starting the Peer-Workshopping Early?

James Lyndsay has proposed a LEWT-model peer workshop for the day before the conference start. For more details read here.

Oh, why #1 in the title?
I expect there will be a bunch of posts during and after the conference for installment #2...


  1. Great collection Simon!

    It truly is an amazing buzz around this conference!

    I would like to add a couple of links to your stunning list.

    Markus has interviewed a couple of more testers that are involved in Let´s Test:

    Martin Jansson who will co-run the Let´s TestLab

    Oliver Vilson who will have a presentation

    Scott Barber has written about the conference and his Keynote

    Duncan Nisbet thoughts on his first conference

    Same goes for Jasminka Puskar

    And not to forget your lovely post:

    1. Henrik,

      Many thanks for this! I was a little paranoid that my reader and other searches hadn't picked up enough.

      I added Scott's post a short while ago - after remembering reading it whilst I was doing something else - so I was even more sure I'd missed others!

      Thanks for the additions!