Thursday, 7 January 2010

Carnival of Testers #5

This is a short summary of some of the highlights of the past couple of weeks (from just before Christmas to a little after New Year). Things were a bit quieter than usual but there was still plenty of output.

As usual, with this time of year, there was a range of well-wishing, reflections and assessments of the year-gone-by and looking into the coming year.

  • Seth Eliot made a great commentary of the debate/discussion that has been ongoing around code coverage involving Matt Heusser, Alan Page & BJ Rollison.
  • Chris McMahon reflected on the past decade and took a look ahead.
  • Quick Testing Tips was churning out plenty of good ideas - as though there was no holiday - here they pointed out a useful resource for some cheatsheets, here.
  • Matt Heusser floated the idea of wirting about testers, here.
  • On the subject of writing Lannette Creamer wrote about respectful discourse here and here.
  • BJ Rollison wrote an interesting piece on thinking about test design, with some interesting discussion in the comments, here.
  • Cem Kaner summarised a collection of his articles, with some recent additions, here.
  • uTest gave a recap on their guest-blogger series.
  • Mark Waite mentioned his use for Google Alerts, here.
  • rocketkeis posted an online list of some of the Beautiful Testing chapters, here. If you haven't read it (I'm hoping to do a review soon) then you can check out some of the chapters here.
  • Nathalie reflected on Eurostar2009 and some of the learnings she was putting to use.
  • Rob Lambert wrote an article about "old" being the new "new" here.

The list is more or less chronologically backwards and I don't usually say it, but I have saved the best for last. Jon Bach wrote a great article here. I'm not saying any more - if you haven't read it go do that now.

All are worth a read, so if you've missed any of these then take a peek.

Until next time...

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