Wednesday, 6 January 2010

I foresee problems...

It was a toss-up between a couple of topics to start off the new blogging season (Series X, episode I) - one was quite heavy and another was lightweight-serious-amusing - but I haven't got my act sorted out on them yet - notetaking is still ongoing.

Then, a flyer popped through the letterbox today. It seemed to chime with the constant background "noise" of snakeoil, best practices, my dad's bigger than your dad, etc, etc. The translation reads:
Born with spiritual powers. I am known around the world. I can solve all of Your problems for example with love, health, family problems, business, legal matters, financial transactions and weight loss. You will know how to defend yourself and your family from enemies and how to get your nearest and dearest back into your life. Gauranteed results.
French and English speaking.
Just when I'm pondering some strategic changes in my work area this pops up!


I'm going to call the stakeholders and get this guy in to predict where the bugs are! Or even better to tell the developers before the code is written... Gauranteed results? "Everyones a winner", as Dell Trotter would say!

On the other hand he might have spiritual powers but maybe I should follow-up on his protocol experience. Damn, there's that questioning tester alter-ego popping up again...

I can't predict the future but I can be fairly sure of one thing for the coming year: Challenges, problems, bugs to be found and maybe the odd giggle along the way. Bring it on!

Got any good predictions?


  1. Simon,

    Awesome. "Bring it on". I like it. It's a mantra I chant daily. It amuses me no-end that tester gripe about bugs, problems and issues. It's what we get paid to do, it's part of our jobs and more often than not, it's also part of our lives.

    Those testers that see these challenges as something bad, something negative, something to complain about are probably the same testers who say testing is boring, testing is dull, testing is dead....

    Testing is more than that and you summed it up nicely "maybe the odd giggle along the way". Time to have fun finding the bugs. Have fun solving the problems. Have fun learning about testing. And have fun predicting bugs before they are born.

    Bring it on.


  2. Hi Simon,
    I'm way behind again. Great post.
    I predict there will be trouble around the full moon. Awwwwooooooooo!

    p.s. I think there may be a mistranslation with the word 'Gauranteed' which I predict means something dodgy in Swedish??? hehe

  3. Ha ha, well spotted Peter! Yes, could be a mis-translation from the Swedish, or if I put an American slant on it: I mis-wrote...