Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Carnival of Testers #27

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October, Halloween, pranks, scary stuff, ritual and various forms of deity-worship is nothing new to software testing.

But, hopefully, in the selection below there are no ghouls, just good writing! Judge for yourselves...


  • Phi Kirkham made a series of interviews with contributing authors of a new software testing-related book. Here, was a good example with Catherine Powell.
  • Assumptions, pre-conceptions and hidden interpretations are rife in any social interaction. They're amplified by software. Adam Knight gave an example, here, of how simple it is to overlook pre-conceptions.
  • The first GATE workshop took place at the beginning of October and got a good write-up from Markus Gärtner, here. Eusebiu Blindu's thoughts on it, here.
  • If you're in the vicinity Phil Kirkham was announcing an STC meetup in Chicago, here.
  • Jeff Nyman had some perspectives on quality assurance and what's obvious, here.
  • A comprehensive report from PNSQC by Nathalie de Vries, here.
  • Duncan Nisbet, here, gave a run-down of his last 12 months - actual against expectations. Interesting reflections.
  • A good post about the beta book program, here, from Michael Larsen.
  • Alan Richardson lists his inspiration for his model of software testing, here.
  • Retrospectives, de-briefs and reflections are important in any team or testing activity. Lisa Crispin describes how fortune cookies were used as a trigger in a team retrospective, here.


  • Regression testing - done well, done badly, done at all, done with any thought? Anne-Marie Charrett explored some issues with aspects of regression testing, here.
  • "All that testing is getting in the way of quality"? A halloween prank? Eric Jacobson wrote his reflections on the STARWest talk, hereBen Kelly made a good walk-through of the points in Eric's post, here. Good comments in both!


  • Halloween. Is quality dead or undead? Trish Khoo had some thoughts, here.
  • Men in black or bogey men? Mr TestSheep has some thoughts on them, here(Well done, NZ in RWC 2011!)
  • And finally, to wrap-up October and all things ghoulish, Claire Moss wrote about the undead attributes of quality, here.

Until the next time....

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